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Research interests:
Bioimaging; Learning and Memory; Neuroethology; Auditory Processing; Anatomy, Development and Evolution

Ongoing research projects:

[Worm Group]
- In vivo calcium imaging of AIY interneuron related to early adaptation in C. elegans

- In vivo cGMP imaging of AWC sensory neuron related to olfactory sensing in C. elegans

[Bird Group]
- In vivo pH imaging of auditory stimulation-induced neural activity in female zebra finch
- Neuronal cytoarchitecture of hippocampal formation in female zebra finch

[Cell Group]
- Mitochondrial Magnesium Imaging Using Newly Developed Fluorescent Probe
- Subcellular analysis of paxillin contribution to bradykinin-induced neurite retraction with a photoinactivatable paxillin

[Ascidian Group]
- Evolution and Development of Chordate
- Quantitative analysis of ascidian tailbud stage embryo at single cell level by constructing 3D Virtual Embryo
- Analysis of network structure of projections extending from peripheral neurons in tunic of ascidian larva


Lab Members:

Proffesor, Kotaro OKA, E-mail: oka (at) bio.keio.ac.jp
Assistant Professor, Kohji HOTTA, E-mail: khotta (at) bio.keio.ac.jp
Secretary, Itoka KAMIGASAKO

Toshinobu SIMOI
Takeshi FUKAWA

PhD course

Master's course
Taichi IMAI
Masahiro INDA
Hiromochi MURAOKA
Mitsuru IIZUMI
Shunsei INOUE
Haruka MORI

Shota UENO
Taiki KATO
Tubasa SEO



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  3. Hisashi Shidara, Kohji Hotta, Kotaro Oka
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